Oregon Guitar Quartet



Jesse McCann, John Mery, Mario Diaz, Bryan Johanson

The critically acclaimed Oregon Guitar Quartet is an ensemble of four of the finest classical guitarists residing in Portland, Oregon. The group’s members Mario Diaz, John Mery, Jesse McCann and Bryan Johanson have been performing and recording together for nearly a decade. Their 2010 debut album Something Wondrous Fair was met with outstanding approval. Soundboard’s Jim McCutcheon wrote, “…it is the joyousness, energy, and precision of the performance that convinces me that this group is one to hear.” Since then, the group has released five more exciting and unique recordings each receiving rave reviews. 


Oregon Guitar Quartet impressively demonstrate the vast musical guitar culture through their repertoire, performances and recordings. Their concert programs constantly change and feature some of the most exciting and often daring arrangements for guitar quartet. Their literature spans the centuries - featuring works by composers like Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart and Salieri, as well as traditional arrangements and original compositions by fellow member and renowned composer Bryan Johanson. Thanks to their ever-growing catalog and extraordinary skills, one is guaranteed to never see the same program twice. 


The group has been featured at the Guitar Foundation of America Festival and recently at the Loudoun County Guitar Festival in Washington, D.C. They perform frequently up and down the west coast and toured Costa Rica in 2014 as part of the Credomatic Music Festival often delivering standing room only concerts. 


Oregon Guitar Quartet’s momentum is a force to be reckoned with. Their seventh album is already in the works with many more in the queue. Audiences everywhere agree that they are a true delight to see and hear. As a result, they are quickly growing as one of the most sought-after groups to perform at festivals and venues around the globe. 


Their albums can be found at virtually all digital outlets and www.cubesquaredrecords.com.